• Paranormal Truth

    1 series

    From vampires, exorcisms, devil worship to supernatural hauntings...

  • Paul Hollywood's City Bakes

    2 series

    Renowned baker and star of the Great British Bake-Off travels to cities...

  • Fly Colt Fly: Legend Of The Barefoot Bandit

    Follows modern folk hero Colton Harris-Moore's exploits; he became famous when he....

  • Solar Superstorms

    A fury is building on the surface of the Sun - high-velocity jets, a fiery tsunami wave...

  • Huge Moves

    2 series

    A team of experts must deliver an oversized object from point A to point B...

  • Paradise Lost

    1 series

    Presenting real-life tales of foreign dreams that became bone-chilling nightmares...

  • Crash of the Century

    One of the worst air disasters in the 1970's when two passenger airlines collided...

  • Ice Pilots

    4 series

    Ice Pilots is a reality television documentary series that portrays Buffalo Airways...

  • Boy Nomad

    Boy Nomad follows a year in the life of 9-year old Janibek...

  • Extreme Dreams

    1 series

    Ben Fogle gives five members of the public the chance to realise their dreams...

  • Alaska's Bush Pilots

    2 series

    Flying in fog, rain, snow or sleet and moving outdoorsmen, locals, supplies...

  • Aircraft Carrier: Guardian of the Seas

    The modern US nuclear carrier is a masterpiece of technology, and the flagship of a fleet.

  • Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag

    Experience final training for pilots and their aircrews before being sent into combat.

  • Sonic Magic: The Wonder and Science of Sound

    Sonic Magic explores how sound has shaped our history.

  • Space Shuttle: The Final Mission

    Following the astronauts and ground crew as they prepared for their final mission.

  • Space Shuttle: The Human Time Bomb

    Was it a genuine one-off disaster or an accident waiting to happen?

  • The Giant of the Sky: The Making of the Airbus A380

    following the story of the construction of the world's biggest and heaviest airliner...

  • The Mysterious Monsters

    Peter Graves examines a range of supernatural topics, including mysterious monsters...

  • The Real Swiss Family Robinson

    1 series

    Families leave their regular lives behind and sample life on a desert island

  • Back Country Rescue

    1 series

    Teton County Search and Rescue's team of fearless men and women rescue those in danger.

  • May Day May Day

    1 series

    Exploring the work of volunteer lifeboat crews in Britain.

  • Sleep Squad

    1 series

    Sleep experts Dr Kirstie Anderson and Dr Jason Ellis give people a good night's sleep.

  • Supersized Structures

    1 series

    Explore the tallest towers, biggest palaces and ancient temples forgotten for centuries.

  • Superstar DJs With Annie Mac

    1 series

    Dance music has never been so engrained at the forefront of popular music culture.

  • The Amazing World Of Gravity

    1 series

    Professor Jim Al-Khalili investigates the science of gravity.

  • The Genius of Design

    1 series

    The Genius of Design takes viewers on a fascinating journey through the material world...

  • The House the '50s Built

    1 series

    Exploring the inventions that took drab post-war Britain and launched it into the future.

  • The Secrets of Quantum Physics

    1 series

    Professor of physics Jim Al-Khalili investigates quantum physics.

  • The World's Best Airport

    1 series

    Singapore's Changi airport has been voted the world's best airport for...

  • Unbreakable

    1 series

    8 volunteers undergo an onslaught of physical and mental pressure...

  • Faster Than Light

    handing audiences a first-class ticket aboard the spacecraft of the future.

  • House Hazards

    1 series

    Scientist Francesca Garigue, engineer Dan Dicaire and special-effects engineer Brendan...

  • Unlocking Evolution

    This film looks at the origin of the present generation and DNA...

  • Casino Confidential

    1 series

    A documentary series that investigates the underbelly of Las Vegas through...

  • Dropped

    1 series

    The Keefer brothers are dropped into harsh conditions with limited resources.

  • Warships

    1 series

    This series has exclusive access to Britain's biggest warship, HMS Ocean, and her crew.