• Myra Hindley: The Untold Story

    1 series

    An in depth description of the lives of Myra Hindley and Ian Brady.

  • Suburban Gangsters

    1 series

    A thrilling look at the true stories behind some of the most notorious anti-heroes...

  • The Irish Mob

    1 series

    A look at how Irish gangsters changed the face of organized crime in the US.

  • The New Detectives

    3 series

    True stories of crime investigations using forensic science.

  • Serial Swindlers

    1 series

    Exposing the world's most conniving, creative, and criminally adept con men...

  • Bizarre Murders

    1 series

    These are not serial murderers evading the FBI, but Fargo-like capers with shocking twists

  • City of Evil

    1 series

    The city of Adelaide has seen many of the country's most horrific murders.

  • Avenue Zero

    Avenue Zero weaves a portrait of the dark and sinister human trafficking trade in Canada.

  • Cannibal Possession: Heart of Ice

    A historian specializing in the cannibal legend of Wendigo...

  • Critical Rescue

    1 series

    When disaster strikes and tragedy seems certain, there is only one hope - Critical Rescue

  • Conviction

    Stories of women in prison and what they would have needed in life to avoid incarceration.

  • Crack House USA

    Crack House USA takes both a voyeuristic and up-close, personal look at the drug trade.

  • Escape From Death Row

    In 1983 a group of inmates slated for death launched an elaborate scheme to break free.

  • Material Witness

    Three workers from CBS left work, only to walk into a kidnapping...

  • Murder in Pacific Paradise

    John Scott and his partner of 20 years, Greg Scrivener were brutally murdered...

  • My Son The Jihadi

    The story of Thomas who left his small English village for Somalia...

  • Panama Papers

    In April 2016, hundreds of journalists risk their lives to reveal International fraud...

  • Pet Poisoners

    This documentary exposes the growing number of people who are poisoning people's pets.

  • The Boy Who Tried To Kill Trump

    A young man from Dorking attempted to assassinate the would-be president...

  • The Feared: Irish Gangsters

    Best selling true crime author Bernard O'Mahoney returns to his home country to shine...

  • The Fritzl Affair

    Following Elisabeth Fritzl's freedom, the world was confronted with the reality...

  • The Sham Marriage Racket

    Featuring covertly filmed footage of marriage fixers and others involved in sham weddings.

  • The Unperfect Crime

    Expanded two-hour special about the 1997 Loomis-Fargo armoured car heist in North Carolina

  • Beach Cops

    3 series

    Cameras follow as the Beach Cops respond daily to situations ranging from dangerous...

  • Dark Waters of Crime

    1 series

    Showing investigations where water has played a role in covering up or committing a crime.

  • I, Hostage

    2 series

    I, Hostage is a deep-dive series that meets the people who have survived hostage...

  • Territory Cops

    1 series

    Observational documentary about Australia's busiest police force in the Northern Territory

  • The Kangaroo Gang

    1 series

    The Kangaroo Gang, led by five charismatic master thieves...

  • Banaz: Murdered By My Family

    This is a documentary film chronicling the brutal Honour Killing of Banaz Mahmod...

  • Daring Capers

    2 series

    Daring Capers tracks some of the world's most fascinating criminals and their audacious...

  • True Crime Scenes

    1 series

    Real crime scene investigations, revealing some of the worst crimes in history.

  • Australian Crime

    1 series

    Australian Crime examines some of Australia's most horrid and well-known crimes...

  • Crime Down Under

    1 series

    A shocking series which goes behind the headlines to find out what it is really like...

  • Dangerous Company

    Documentary exploring the seedy, extremely dangerous life of an international trafficker

  • Death Unexplained

    1 series

    Every unexplained death is unique. Whether it's a freakish accident involving a vat of...

  • Gangs of Britain

    1 series

    Telling the stories of some of the most horrific and famous crimes of the last century.

  • Interview With A Murderer

    Criminologist Prof David Wilson conducts a series of interviews with convicted murderer...

  • Looking For Mike

    Looking for Mike follows filmmaker Dylan Reibling as he investigates the mysterious...

  • Murder Maps

    1 series

    This drama-documentary takes us back to some of the most shocking murders in history.

  • The Accused

    1 series

    Documentary films following the court cases and stories of those accused of crimes.

  • The Paedophile Next Door

    With child sex abuse scandals breaking on almost a weekly basis, Britain has become...

  • Aileen - Life and Death of a Serial killer

    Nick Broomfield's second documentary about serial killer Aileen Wuornos.

  • Damilola - Death of a Ten Year Old

    Former Met Police Officer and TV Presenter, Rav Wilding, re-traces the story of Damilola

  • Kidnapping at the Vatican

    This true crime documentary looks into the kidnapping of Vatican City State teenager.

  • Murderers And Their Mothers

    1 series

    Do the warped and damaged relationships of murderers and their mothers lie at the root...

  • The FBI Files

    5 series

    Real FBI cases are recounted through reenactments and interviews with law enforcement...

  • The Perfect Victim

    Follow 3 women that spent time in prison, each convicted of killing their abusive husbands

  • Twilight of the Yakuza

    Documentary about the Yakuza, a dying breed of Japan's organized crime syndicates.

  • Women In Blue

    1 series

    An unprecedented story of gender and politics through the eyes of women police officers.