TV Guide

  1. 6:00am - 6:10am

    Dino Dana

    Series following the adventures of Dino Dana, an eight-year-old palaeontologist in training. Saara fails to pick Dana for her dodgeball team because of her size.

  2. 6:10am - 6:20am

    Mr Magoo

    Magoo is out trick-or-treating for Halloween, but he ends up unwittingly robbing a bank.

  3. 6:20am - 6:25am

    Mr Magoo

    Magoo is a part-time firefighter reservist whose rescue mission for the day is to save a cat in a tree. In reality, the cat is none other than Fizz.

  4. 6:25am - 6:35am

    Mr Magoo

    Thinking he is in the middle of a workout at his local gym, Magoo inadvertently climbs onto a delivery boy's bicycle.

  5. 6:35am - 7:00am

    Thunderbirds Are Go

    A seaquake means a busy day for International Rescue. Lady Penelope helps Thunderbirds find who put seismic destabilisers on the sea bed.

  6. 7:00am - 7:05am

    Mission Employable

    The Mission Employable Agency goes behind the scenes at an important job. Agent Danny's mission is to make his own delicious chocolates at a real chocolate factory.

  7. 7:05am - 7:15am

    Mr Magoo

    Fizz beams himself into Weasel's brain in order to take out Magoo with tranquilliser darts. Magoo loses Mr Cat and enlists his neighbour to find him.

  8. 7:15am - 7:20am

    Mr Magoo

    Magoo thinks he's in a triathlon and takes Fizz's superhuman strength headband, which Fizz needs to beat the President at a thumb war.

  9. 7:20am - 7:30am

    Mr Magoo

    Today's the big day, and Magoo believes he is in a recording studio to make a hit single for famous producer, Phil Dustspeck. But is that really true?

  10. 7:30am - 7:40am

    Mighty Mike

    Mike is inspired by a movie he sees on TV and decides to direct his own film. He enlists the help of Iris, Fluffy and the turtles.

  11. 7:40am - 7:45am

    Buck and Buddy

    Something evil in the sewers is taking the bugs from Bug Alley, but what is it?

  12. 7:45am - 8:00am

    Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

    Animated antics. Mr Bean is dogged by a young Japanese boy in the Science Museum; he then sees what he has in his knapsack...

  13. 8:00am - 8:15am

    Lego Ninjago

    The ninja run afoul of the Explorer's Club when they break into their headquarters looking for a special scroll.

  14. 8:15am - 8:30am

    Ben 10

    The Forever Knight finally assembles his Round Table to conquer all of history. Can Team Tennyson rally and stop him before it's too late?

  15. 8:30am - 8:54am

    Drop Dead Weird

    Lulu receives a surprise package from her granny in Australia. Meanwhile, Frankie makes a discovery which could hold the answer to the zombie curse.

  16. 8:54am - 9:25am

    Drop Dead Weird

    When Bunni takes a liking to Dad's friend from Australia, Lulu, Bruce and Frankie think they might be able to get her to stop snooping around their family for good.

  17. 9:25am - 11:35am

    James Martin's Saturday Morning

    James is back in the kitchen serving up a feast of delicious food for his guests Ade Adepitan, chefs Raymond Blanc and Tom Kerridge, and Dr Hazel Wallace.

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  18. 11:35am - 12:40pm

    John and Lisa's Weekend Kitchen

    John and Lisa celebrate the best of holidays at home in their Weekend Kitchen, with a host of dishes perfect for enjoying in the great outdoors.

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  19. 12:40pm - 1:10pm

    James Martin's American Adventure

    James Martin's adventure brings him to Salem, a town famed for its witch trials of 1692. It's a good thing that James is visiting around Halloween, then...

  20. 1:10pm - 1:25pm

    ITV Lunchtime News

    News bulletins from ITV News.

  21. 1:25pm - 4:30pm

    Racing on STV

    Francesca Cumani and Ed Chamberlin introduce live coverage from Ascot.

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  22. 4:30pm - 5:00pm

    Tipping Point: Best Ever Finals

    Relive some of the most dramatic end games in Tipping Point history!

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  23. 5:00pm - 6:00pm

    The Masked Singer US

    Fox, Ladybug, Flower, Tree and Rottweiler perform as judges Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger try to guess their identity. Hosted by Nick Cannon.

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  24. 6:00pm - 6:20pm

    ITV Evening News

    National and international news with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents.

  25. 6:20pm - 6:25pm

    STV News

    The STV National News covering all of Scotland.

  26. 6:25pm - 7:25pm

    Ninja Warrior UK

    Episode 8 of 8. It's the final, but will anyone get the chance to climb to the top of Mount Midoriyama? Anyone who can achieve that, will be crowned the first ever Ninja Warrior UK.

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  27. 7:25pm - 9:00pm

    The Voice Kids

    It's the halfway point of the blind auditions as judges Paloma Faith, Danny Jones, Pixie Lott and continue their search for a singing star of the future.

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  28. 9:00pm - 11:15pm

    You Only Live Twice

    Bond movie. James Bond heads to Japan on a mission to prevent a global nuclear war.

  29. 11:15pm - 11:35pm

    ITV News

    News bulletins from ITV News.

  30. 11:35pm - 12:35am

    Play To The Whistle

    Holly Willoughby and captains Frank Lampard and Bradley Walsh are joined by GB hockey Olympic gold medallist Sam Quek, sports presenter Jake Humphrey, and comedian Rob Beckett.

  31. 12:35am - 3:00am

    ITV Nightscreen

    ITV Nightscreen

  32. 3:00am - 6:00am


    Game show presented by Rylan Clark-Neal that tempts contestants to push their luck with thousands of pounds at stake when they open a set of giant Babushka dolls.