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  1. 6:00am - 6:10am

    The Rubbish World of Dave Spud

    Dave tells a news reporter that Grimsby is rubbish, but when his words are aired on the news, his whole seaside town turns against him.

  2. 6:10am - 6:25am

    The Rubbish World of Dave Spud

    Dave discovers that his body is a musical instrument and is asked to replace a band member in his favourite group The Whippets.

  3. 6:25am - 6:35am

    The Rubbish World of Dave Spud

    Grimsby is putting on its annual community play, but when Anna is cast as a witch, she sets out to prove that witches can have happy endings too.

  4. 6:35am - 7:00am

    Thunderbirds Are Go

    Scott attempts to rescue a mysterious balloonist when his hot air balloon crashes on the top of a mountain.

  5. 7:00am - 7:05am

    Dare Master @Home

    In this episode one challenge for Danny is to try to empty a paddling pool full of balls without using his hands.

  6. 7:05am - 7:15am

    Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

    Animated antics. Mr. Bean's newspaper keeps disappearing before he can collect it from his letterbox, but who could be taking it?

  7. 7:15am - 7:30am

    Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

    The animated antics of the hapless bumbler Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean becomes a famous internet sensation.

  8. 7:30am - 7:40am

    Mr Magoo

    Animation. Busy observing the sky in search of UFOs, Mr Magoo accidentally finds himself wandering over to Fizz's house.

  9. 7:40am - 7:50am

    Mr Magoo

    While hunting for Pinkbeard's treasure, Mr Magoo mistakes a park for an island - Fizz and Weasel are there, selling ice cream that never falls on the ground.

  10. 7:50am - 8:00am

    Mr Magoo

    Animation. Mr Magoo decides to go mountain climbing, but when he ends up climbing up a skyscraper, he ultimately ruins his plan.

  11. 8:00am - 8:15am

    DC Superhero Girls

    Everything is going well for Kara Danvers - both as a teen and a superhero - until she starts taking the blame for things that she didn't do.

  12. 8:15am - 8:30am

    DC Superhero Girls

    In an attempt to make Karen feel better about a spot, Zee recounts her transition into magichood and the rift it created between her and her father.

  13. 8:30am - 8:55am

    Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!

    Animated series. Scooby and the gang are sent to investigate the ghost of Elias Kingston, founder of Kingston University, which is said to be haunting the halls.

  14. 8:55am - 9:25am

    Ted's Top Ten

    Comedy series. Ted makes a big impression on his first day of high school by mooning a car, but its driver is the school's deputy head...

  15. 9:25am - 9:30am

    ITV News

    News bulletins from ITV News.

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  16. 9:30am - 11:40am

    James Martin's Saturday Morning

    James serves up some delicious dishes for tennis ace Johanna Konta and tastes some fantastic recipes from chefs Lesley Waters and Andres Alemany.

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  17. 11:40am - 12:00pm

    ITV News

    News bulletins from ITV News.

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  18. 12:00pm - 3:00pm

    FA Cup Live

    Championship side Millwall host South London rivals Crystal Palace in the FA Cup.

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  19. 3:00pm - 4:20pm

    The Story of SM:TV Live

    Ant and Dec reunite with Cat Deeley to reminisce on the hit Saturday morning TV show.

  20. 4:20pm - 5:25pm

    The Chase: Celebrity Specials

    Have presenter Amanda Byram, actor Adam Thomas, dancer Brendan Cole and newsreader Naga Munchetty got what it takes to takes home thousands of pounds for their chosen charities?

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  21. 5:25pm - 5:45pm

    ITV News

    News bulletins from ITV News.

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  22. 5:45pm - 6:00pm

    STV News

    The STV National News covering all of Scotland.

  23. 6:00pm - 7:00pm

    Celebrity Catchphrase

    Stephen Mulhern hosts a celebrity special of the classic game show, with Alexander Armstrong, Natasha Hamilton and Jamie Laing all trying to win money for their chosen charities.

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  24. 7:00pm - 8:30pm

    The Masked Singer

    Rita Ora, Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall and Mo Gilligan continue to try to guess the masked celebrities' identities as five singers perform in the hope of remaining anonymous.

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  25. 8:30pm - 9:30pm

    Ant and Dec's Limitless Win

    Ant and Dec host the quiz that has the biggest cash prize in British TV history. Married NHS workers, Will and Kathryn, are the first team to take on the never-ending money ladder.

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  26. 9:30pm - 10:15pm

    The John Bishop Show

    John Bishop hosts the chat show featuring hilarious stand-up comedy and fun-filled celebrity chat. His guests in this episode are actor James Nesbitt and comedian Sarah Millican.

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  27. 10:15pm - 10:30pm

    ITV News

    News bulletins from ITV News.

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  28. 10:30pm - 12:20am

    Rush Hour

    Detective Lee and Detective James Carter FBI are from different worlds.

  29. 12:20am - 3:00am

    Shop: Ideal World

    Shop: Ideal World

  30. 3:00am - 3:15am

    FYI Extra

    A short bulletin rounding up the day's stories.

  31. 3:15am - 4:05am

    Joanna Lumley's Home Sweet Home

    Joanna Lumley is making her most personal journey yet.

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  32. 4:05am - 5:10am

    Unwind with STV

    Your daily escape designed to calm the mind and encourage relaxation and reflection.

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  33. 5:10am - 6:00am


    Visually signed. Working out words are brother and sister Mustafa and Mehreen from Blackburn, Highland couple Heidi and Tony, and mother and daughter Harlem and Marlene from London.

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