TV Guide

  1. 6:00am - 6:05am

    Dare Master @Home

    Home-based game show. More crazy challenges await Danny and his competitors, this time including a room full of balloons... and peeling a banana using only your feet!

  2. 6:05am - 6:20am

    Lloyd of the Flies

    Animated series. Lloyd, PB and Abacus discover a fly from the past that has been frozen in an ice cube - they free him, but his gratitude soon gets out of hand.

  3. 6:20am - 6:35am

    Lloyd of the Flies

    Animated series. When Lloyd discovers that Abacus and PB have been invited to a party without him, he decides that he will throw a party that will be superior to it.

  4. 6:35am - 7:05am

    Thunderbirds Are Go

    Adventure series. International Rescue is called in after Brains' latest invention, a luxury space hotel, begins to malfunction.

  5. 7:05am - 7:15am

    Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

    The animated antics of the hapless bumbler Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean disguises himself as a pensioner in order to avoid lunch with Irma and her mum.

  6. 7:15am - 7:30am

    Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

    The animated antics of the hapless bumbler Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean climbs into his favourite tree to stop it being chopped down.

  7. 7:30am - 7:45am

    The Rubbish World of Dave Spud

    Dave needs a new coat, and luckily Gran knows of one going spare. Finding it in a bin at a quarry, Dave finds himself stuck in the coat's lining.

  8. 7:45am - 8:00am

    The Rubbish World of Dave Spud

    Animation. The biggest sporting event in Grimsby - the bog roll roll - is on, and all Dave has to do is chase the bog roll down the hill and catch it.

  9. 8:00am - 8:10am

    Mr Magoo

    Animation. Fizz wants to create a fascinating mystery about himself - while he traces a giant portrait in the desert sand, Mr Magoo appears with his golfing gear.

  10. 8:10am - 8:20am

    Mr Magoo

    Animation. His genius still unappreciated, Fizz decides to go on a spiritual retreat in a forest clearing, but Mr Magoo mistakes the hamster for a feral child.

  11. 8:20am - 8:25am

    Mr Magoo

    Animation. Fizz invents a device that can render anyone mute, but when Mr Magoo gets his hands on the invention, Fizz and Weasel end up being mistaken for Parisian mimes.

  12. 8:25am - 8:40am

    Lloyd of the Flies

    Animated series. When Lloyd is trapped in an upside-down glass by Biggo with Ricotta the wasp and Julie the spider, both of Lloyd's fellow captives soon get hungry.

  13. 8:40am - 8:55am

    Lloyd of the Flies

    Animated series. Having had enough of chores, Lloyd moves in with Abacus, but living with his best friend is not the life of endless fun that Lloyd imagined...

  14. 8:55am - 9:25am

    Makeaway Takeaway

    Comedy arts and crafts show presented by comedian Bec Hill. Bec has purchased a Bec Bot to help her, but it's not working as she planned - she also surprises a science guru.

  15. 9:25am - 9:30am

    ITV News

    News bulletins from ITV News.

  16. 9:30am - 11:15am

    Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh

    Chatting to Alan for Mother's Day are Gwyneth Strong, JB Gill, and Cherie Lunghi - there are also two newborn lambs and a selection of British-made rums on hand.

  17. 11:15am - 2:20pm

    FA Cup Live: Sheffield United v Blackburn Rovers

    Coverage from Bramall Lane as Sheffield United and Blackburn Rovers go head-to-head for a place in the last four of the 2022-23 FA Cup.

  18. 2:20pm - 3:15pm

    Celebrity Lingo

    Hosted by RuPaul! Competing are Welsh duo Charlotte Church and Carys Eleri, broadcasters Clare Balding and Alice Arnold, plus DJs Rickie Haywood-Williams and Melvin Odoom.

  19. 3:15pm - 3:45pm

    You've Been Framed!

    Harry Hill presents HD accidents for the first time with digital disasters from phones, drones, dashcams, doorbell cameras and selfie sticks.

  20. 3:45pm - 6:45pm

    FA Cup Live: Manchester United v Fulham

    Mark Pougatch is joined by Karen Carney, Roy Keane, and Ian Wright for coverage of the 2022-23 Emirates FA Cup Sixth Round match between Manchester United and Fulham.

  21. 6:45pm - 6:55pm

    ITV Evening News

    National and international news with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents.

  22. 6:55pm - 7:00pm

    STV News

    The STV National News covering all of Scotland.

  23. 7:00pm - 8:00pm

    The Chase Celebrity Special

    Bradley Walsh hosts as Jayde Adams, Tony Cottee, Naughty Boy and The Vivienne compete against a Chaser in the hope of winning thousands of pounds for their chosen charities.

  24. 8:00pm - 10:00pm


    Crime drama series. A series of chilling attacks in Brighton all bear the same signs - Grace has a feeling that he's seen this all before, but is it really a copycat?

  25. 10:00pm - 10:15pm

    ITV News

    News bulletins from ITV News.

  26. 10:15pm - 11:25pm

    DNA Journey

    Anarchic comedian Johnny Vegas and funnyman broadcaster Alex Brooker's DNA road trip sees them uncover trailblazers and a link to Jack the Ripper.

  27. 11:25pm - 12:20am

    Unbelievable Moments: Caught On Camera

    The adrenaline-charged story of an amateur pilot fanatic who built his own plane but lost his propeller mid-flight and had to try to land it without any power.

  28. 12:20am - 3:00am

    Shop: Ideal World

    Shop: Ideal World

  29. 3:00am - 3:50am

    Cold Case Detectives

    Documentary series. Using the latest in DNA science, cold case detectives are determined to finally get justice for six-year-old Carol Ann Stephens in a 60-year-old murder case.

  30. 3:50am - 5:00am

    Night Vision

  31. 5:00am - 6:00am

    Jeremy Pang's Asian Kitchen

    Jeremy cooks up some delicious meals suitable for a date night, including pork sando with homemade tonkatsu sauce, and a sticky toffee pudding with a Jeremy Pang twist.