TV Guide

  1. 6:00am - 6:10am

    Dino Dana

    Edutainment series. Wearing the frilliest dress ever on the hottest day of the year, Dana tries to stay clean while finding out how dinosaurs stay cool.

  2. 6:10am - 6:20am

    The Rubbish World of Dave Spud

    Dave gets a girlfriend who turns out to be an alien, and she turns out to bear a striking similarity to an everyday household item...

  3. 6:20am - 6:35am

    The Rubbish World of Dave Spud

    Anna is practising for the school cycling test and is good at it. Dave isn't, but with a new bike from his parents he really hopes to pass.

  4. 6:35am - 6:55am


    Team Veredus must win the Border League Finals while Ariston and Mangle think they've discovered Danuvia's plan.

  5. 6:55am - 7:00am

    LEGO Hidden Side

    Jack probably shouldn't have drunk all those slushies before boarding Sweet Sally. Now the team have to battle a giant puke monster.

  6. 7:00am - 7:10am

    Mighty Mike

    It's Mike's birthday and he's excited to be spending the day with Iris, but Iris has invited the entire neighbourhood.

  7. 7:10am - 7:20am

    Mighty Mike

    When Tom suggests to his mum that Mike could be a show dog, she bursts out laughing. Mike is hurt and sets out to prove her wrong.

  8. 7:20am - 7:30am

    Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

    When the neighbourhood falls victim to a burglary, Mr Bean and Mrs Wicket learn some valuable lessons.

  9. 7:30am - 7:45am

    Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

    Mr Bean loves Halloween and prepares to give the neighbourhood kids some tricks and treats they will not forget.

  10. 7:45am - 7:55am

    Ben 10

    Animated series. Grandpa Max and Gwen plan to set Ben straight on his weird ideas about how wind works at the Mojave Wind Farm in Texas.

  11. 7:55am - 8:25am

    Don't Unleash the Beast

    Game show set in the mythological underground world of Halian. A team of three intrepid treasure seekers face a series of obstacles in their quest to retrieve ancient artefacts.

  12. 8:25am - 8:30am

    ITV News

    News bulletins from ITV News.

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  13. 8:30am - 9:25am

    Martin and Roman's Weekend Best!

    Father and son duo, Martin and Roman Kemp are here to help launch viewers into the weekend ahead. This time they'll be joined in the studio by Martine McCutcheon and Fleur East.

  14. 9:25am - 11:35am

    James Martin's Saturday Morning

    James is back in the kitchen on a Saturday morning serving up a feast of fantastic food for his guest Kirstie Gallacher and chefs Thomasina Miers and Francesco Mazzei.

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  15. 11:35am - 12:40pm

    Simply Raymond Blanc

    Raymond Blanc makes an ingenious pea soup, a taste bud-tantalising stuffed pepper, and a new take on that old British classic, brown sauce.

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  16. 12:40pm - 1:10pm

    James Martin's American Adventure

    James Martin continues his American adventure in Austin, Texas. James starts with a breakfast taco at iconic Torchy's, followed by a cowboy themed shopping spree.

  17. 1:10pm - 1:25pm

    ITV Lunchtime News

    News bulletins from ITV News.

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  18. 1:25pm - 4:00pm

    STV Racing: Live from Newcastle

    Oli Bell presents racing from Newcastle, Newmarket, York and The Curragh on another busy Saturday. The feature meeting of the day is at Newcastle.

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  19. 4:00pm - 6:00pm

    Midsomer Murders

    Detective series. A burglar known as 'The Creeper' terrorises Midsomer as Barnaby and Jones investigate the murder of a dinner party guest at an upper-crust house.

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  20. 6:00pm - 6:10pm

    ITV Evening News

    National and international news with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents.

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  21. 6:10pm - 6:15pm

    STV News

    The STV National News covering all of Scotland.

  22. 6:15pm - 7:15pm

    Tipping Point: Lucky Stars

    Comedian Jason Manford, athletics legend Iwan Thomas and the lovely Debbie McGee will each need quick wits and nerves of steel if they're to capture the prize.

  23. 7:15pm - 8:15pm

    The Chase: Celebrity Special

    Quiz show hosted by Bradley Walsh. Melanie Sykes, Andrew Castle, Heather Small and Graeme Le Saux join forces in the hope of beating a Chaser and winning big money for charity.

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  24. 8:15pm - 10:25pm

    Ocean's 8

    Debbie Ocean gathers an all-female crew to attempt an impossible heist.

  25. 10:25pm - 10:45pm

    ITV News

    News bulletins from ITV News.

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  26. 10:45pm - 11:45pm

    UEFA EURO 2020 Highlights

    It's the knockout stage of EURO 2020 and both England and Wales have booked themselves into the Round of 16. Wales take on Denmark as they look to progress to the quarter finals.

  27. 11:45pm - 12:40am

    It'll Be Alright on the Night

    Featuring live blunders from Stormzy, Robbie Williams, Craig Revel Horwood, Jonathan Ross, and Ant and Dec - plus hilarious outtakes starring and Jeremy Clarkson.

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  28. 12:40am - 1:30am

    Tour De France Highlights

    The 108th edition of the Tour de France starts in Brittany with a flat stage.

  29. 1:30am - 2:20am

    The Motorbike Show

    Henry takes a ride through southern Spain. Back home, the restoration of the 1970 Chopper gathers pace and Henry also gets a sneak peak at the latest models from AJS.

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  30. 2:20am - 3:00am

    ITV Nightscreen

    ITV Nightscreen

  31. 3:00am - 3:15am

    FYI Extra

    A short bulletin rounding up the day's stories.

  32. 3:15am - 6:00am

    Britain's Brightest Family

    In the third of the quarter finals, two bright families aim for a place in the semi-finals of this knockout tournament hosted by The Governess, aka Anne Hegerty.