Take the High Road

22 episodes

Soap set in the fictional village of Glendarroch. Take the High Road ran for 23 years on Scottish Television and now it has made its return, broadcasting on STV Glasgow from the very beginning.

  • September
  • STV August 2015
  • Kathleen's father flys over from Ireland to take her and the baby home., while Isabel and Brian seem to be back to normal.

  • Mr Murdoch is worried Florence will tell Mrs Mack of his mistaken plans for a proposal, as she is returning today.

  • It's the day of Eddie and Sheila's wedding. Dougal tells Bob he wants him to take Donald for good because he can't cope.

  • Sheila and Eddie are married and the Glendarroch residents throw them a surprise reception. It's later revealed though, that Sheila and Eddie are already having marriage problems.

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