Take the High Road

21 episodes

Soap set in the fictional village of Glendarroch. Take the High Road ran for 23 years on Scottish Television and now it has made its return, broadcasting on STV Glasgow from the very beginning.

  • STV Glasgow June 2015
  • Bob and Alice plan to throw a surprise engagement party for Morag and Dougal. Jimmy's feelings for Sally are growing stronger. Mr Sneddon tells Bob his fish farm is on his land.

  • Dougal wrote to Elizabeth telling her she is giving up the deer farm because he is fed up with the estate. Sheila wants to stand up to her mother, and Sally and Jimmy are continuing their affair.

  • Marion has returned to Glendarroch, and wonders why Jimmy is acting strange. Fiona wants to change the way the estate is run a lot, to her mother's annoyance.

  • The minister has found a map from the 1600s that might settle the argument about land in Glendarroch. Marion is upset with Jimmy, and wants to leave Glendarroch early.

  • Mrs Mack finds out that Jimmy is up at Sally's house every night. Dougal practices wedding etiquette. Ken tells Brian that Jimmy is after Mrs Shaw.

  • The minister's map shows that Elizabeth is wrong about her boundaries. Mrs Mack tells Isobel about Jimmy and Sally.

  • Jimmy is staying at Sally's house for now. Jamie took the first step in transferring the lease of the croft over to Morag.

  • Lily doesn't realise that she has broken up Effie and Inverdarroch's relationship until Dougal tells her, and Bob and Mr Sneddon come to blows over the loch and the fish farm.

  • Mr Sneddon installs new locks on his fences. Eddie wants to pay for Sheila to take classes since she can't take her highers anymore.

  • Isobel wants Jimmy back at the house. Fiona tries to mend her relationship with Dougal about the estate fixing his roof. Fiona wants to take the fish from the loch into Glendarroch estate, Bob agrees.

  • Isobel asks Fiona to have a word with Jimmy about Sally. Fiona is leading the mission to recover the fish from the loch.

  • Fiona's father warns Fiona about her interference in the estate. Sally suggests to Jimmy that they should stop seeing each other because of what Fiona said to her.

  • Elizabeth and Peter talk about their feelings, and Dougal tries to convince Inverdarroch to get the key for the padlock so they can take the fish.

  • Mr Sneddon wants Jimmy to help keep the group away that want the fish from the loch, and Inverdarroch tries to get the key from Effie, but Mr Sneddon interrupts them.

  • Jimmy is annoyed nobody told him about the plan with the fish. Mr Sneddon gets Mrs Mack on his side about the mission. Peter's wife visits Elizabeth wondering where her husband is.

  • Sally tries to tell Isobel to treat Jimmy like a grown-up, but she gets angry. Mrs Mack will tell Mr Sneddon the wrong date the group are going for the fish so he doesn't catch them.

  • The Glendarroch hill race is today, and Dougal asks the minister to marry him and Morag at the weekend.

  • Eddie injured his ankle and is awaiting rescue. The minister wants to take part in the loch raid too, to Mrs Mack and Mr Murdoch's surprise. Sheila and Eddie share a kiss uppon his return.

  • Mr Murdoch doesn't want the minister to take part in the raid because of the scandal. Jock is happy Eddie and Sheila are together again.

  • The raid has begun, but the police are up to see Mr Sneddon, and the group are trying to create a diversion.

  • Mr Sneddon is furious the raid was successful and shouts at Elizabeth, who is also angry with the group.