Take the High Road

22 episodes

Soap set in the fictional village of Glendarroch. Take the High Road ran for 23 years on Scottish Television and now it has made its return, broadcasting on STV Glasgow from the very beginning.

  • STV Glasgow July 2015
  • Isobel tries to stop Jimmy and Sally's plans to move, although he does return home for his last few days in Glendarroch.

  • Fiona tries to get Elizabeth to admit she has feelings for her father. The journalist calls his boss to explain the story he wants to get about Jimmy, Sally and Brian.

  • Sally agrees to talk to the reporter, but everyone is trying to trick him. Ken is annoyed that Fiona has loaned him out with the peat cutter.

  • Morag has called off the wedding because she doesn't want to leave her father alone. Jimmy is leaving Glendarroch to gain some life experience.

  • Winter has passed and few things have changed. Jimmy is still gone, and Isabel is still down about it, and Dougal wants Donald to come and live with him.

  • Eddie tells Sheila she can move in with him now she doesn't have a place to stay, but she is uncomfortable with that.

  • Dougal is still trying to get Donald back to his house and tells Alice this, and Fiona wants to replace Ken already and Lorna isn't happy.

  • Isabel wants Brian to take over Ken's job as peat cutter, and Brian and Lorna visit Ken and discover he is in a terrible way.

  • Brian takes the peat cutting job, but isn't too happy about betraying Ken, and Mr Sneddon accuses Inverdarroch of stealing from his house.

  • Mr Murdoch wants to change the name of the lifeboat because of Sorry Watson's behaviour.

  • Sheila now appears to be living with Eddie, but is uncomfortable with it as they are the target of gossip, and Mr Murdoch tells Mrs Mack she may lose her job as housekeeper.

  • The community are trying to find a way to keep the lifeboat in the water, and Mrs Mack now believes the minister should stay, but only because she doesn't want to lose her job.

  • Brian is fed up with Isabel moping about Jimmy not being home and are arguing a lot. Jock pays Sheila and Eddie a visit and hints that they shouldn't be living together. Donald is still not settled.

  • Mrs Mack is still worrying about her job and tying to find a way for the minister to stay.

  • Isabel is considering closing down. Donald gets a letter home from the school saying his behaviour has become worse recently. Jock wants Eddie to sell his furniture so he can get some money together.

  • Elizabeth is back for a visit, and happy to see Fiona is managing to run the estate, and Sorry watson seems to be in financial trouble.

  • Everyone seems to be reading Lily's book, and it's making people see things differently, and the ladies are trying to get Sorry to admit his money problems.

  • Ruaridh calls Fiona and asks her to come to Glasgow for a visit, and Mr Sneddon continues to antagonise Inverdarroch.

  • Eddie and Isabel speculate as to why Jock wants to sell his belongings, and the new minister arrives, and it seems he is rather strict.

  • It's Sunday and the new minister is having his first sermon and Mrs Mack isn't too fond of him. Plus, there is talk at the estate of turning Blair's Store into a pub.

  • Mr Thomson is due back for a visit and Brian offers that he rent out Jimmy's old room, much to Isabel's annoyance.

  • Isabel's shop is busier after the meeting last night where Fiona brought up the business of the pub.