Take the High Road

22 episodes

Soap set in the fictional village of Glendarroch. Take the High Road ran for 23 years on Scottish Television and now it has made its return, broadcasting on STV Glasgow from the very beginning.

  • STV August 2015
  • STV July 2015
  • Fiona thinks there is something strange about Elizabeth's cousin and his financial situation, and Dougal and Mr Sneddon get into a fight at the market, and Inverdarroch steps in to punch Mr Sneddon.

  • Donald has got into a fight at school, but Dougal has a black eye too, and doesn't dicipline him.

  • Grace is worried about Dougal as he has been in jail over the weekend, and Mr Thomson has arrived for his stay and Isabel is fussing over him.

  • The police are called about the burglary and begin their investigation, and Dougal is out on bail and is very shaken up.

  • Alice is furious Bob won't help Dougal. Mr Murdoch is behaving strangely, but is feeling guilty about his encoounter with the poacher.

  • Elizabeth doesn't want to press charges for the theft, but tells Lorna, Effie and Archie they are no longer under suspicion.

  • Mr Murdoch speaks to the minister about the poacher situation, and Mrs Mack has arranged for her sister to take her place in her absence.

  • The doctor rules that the major died of a heart attack, but also hints that it may have been self-induced.

  • The Major is buried, an editor from Women's Weekly arrives in Glendarroch and Elizabeth leaves for Edinburgh.

  • Francis from Women's Weekly is having a chat with Brian, who is paying her quite a bit of attention, and Isobel gets jealous.

  • The minister is loving being taken care of by Florence, and Mr Murdoch and Roy seem to be competing for her affection.

  • Everyone seems to like Florence and is surprised she is Mrs Mack's sister, and Bob is surprised to hear Inverdarroch is thinking of proposing to Effie.

  • Fiona visits Ruaridh in Glasgow. Robert Florence out to dinner. Mr Thomson continues to offer Brian advice about Isabel, much to his annoyance and Mr Sneddon's niece is coming to visit.

  • Mr Murdoch tries to sabotage Robert and Florence's date, while Mr Sneddon's niece Kathleen arrives, and he isn't treating her very well.

  • Kathleen is getting to know some folks in Glendarroch and Eddie sold his car to try and buy Jock's trophy at the auction, but it goes for much more money than he had.

  • Eddie and Sheila begin wedding preperations and Brian and Francis go to dinner, as do Florence and Mr Murdoch.

  • Mr Murdoch wants to marry Florence, but the Minster warns Florence that Mr Murdoch isn't cheery all the time.

  • Isabel and Brian seperate, while Mr Sneddon seems to have been doing dirty dealings with money, and Fiona sees how she can use this to her advantage.

  • Florence thinks that it's Mrs Mack that Mr Murdoch wants to marry, and doesn't realise it's her he wants. Meanwhile, Brian loses his cool in the shop with Isabel about their situation.

  • Isabel apologises to Brian for accusing him of an affair with Francis. Kathleen is in labour and gives birth to twins, but one twin dies.

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