Take the High Road

21 episodes

Soap set in the fictional village of Glendarroch. Take the High Road ran for 23 years on Scottish Television and now it has made its return, broadcasting on STV Glasgow from the very beginning.

  • Sept 2015
  • STV August 2015
  • October 2015
  • Kathleen's father flys over from Ireland to take her and the baby home, while Isabel and Brian seem to be back to normal.

  • Mr Murdoch is worried Florence will tell Mrs Mack of his mistaken plans for a proposal, as she is returning today.

  • It's the day of Eddie and Sheila's wedding. Dougal tells Bob he wants him to take Donald for good because he can't cope.

  • Sheila and Eddie are married and the Glendarroch residents throw them a surprise reception. It's later revealed though, that Sheila and Eddie are already having marriage problems.

  • Mrs Mack makes her feelings about the reception clear. Fiona believes she can't have any close relationships with anyone in Glendarroch especially as she's going to implement a rent rise.

  • Both Carol and Brian believe that there's something wrong with Sheila and Eddie, and Morag seeks Alice and Bob's help to play a trick on Dougal.

  • Bob wants to use Inverdarroch's story to play a trick on Dougal, and Eddie's not shy about letting people know that him and Sheila have problems.

  • Bob confesses to Mrs Lachlan that they're playing a trick on Dougal, and Inverdarroch worries about the joke.

  • Isabel is concerned with the amount of time Sandra is spending with Eddie, and a committee meeting is held about the rent rises.

  • Mrs Mack strongly disagrees with the rent rises and Sheila confides in Carol about the problems between her and Eddie.

  • Isabel, as head of the committee, has a meeting with Fiona regarding the rent rises and receives a full explanation for them.

  • Isabel tries to explain her reasoning in accepting the rent increase but receives a negative reaction. David and Lorna meet despite being subject to possible gossip in Glendarroch.

  • Bob, Inverdarroch and Morag don't make it in time to bring the joke against Dougal to an end, but when they arrive, they realise that Sneddon has done it for them unknowingly.

  • Isabel tries to make Sandra see that it's not right that she's spending so much time with a married man but is unsuccessful.

  • Dougal thinks that Morag told Sneddon about the sheep but later realises it was his own fault that he found out. Mrs Cunningham has some news for Fiona, which comes as a surprise.

  • Brian and Isabel decide to put their fake rows to an end while Fiona announces that her parents are going to remarry and the estate will transferred to her.

  • Mrs Lachlan and Alice are concerned that a non-resident is giving children sweets but Dougal doesn't see the problem.

  • Donald doesn't return from school so Bob and Dougal start to spread the word and organise a search. Sheila and Eddie talk things through and Sheila still can't work out what's wrong with her.

  • It's the morning after Donald went missing and the villagers are ready to search again.

  • Fiona feels Glendarroch is threatened by Sneddon. He later approaches her with a proposal for a race, which she chooses to accept on certain terms.

  • Isabel is worried that her and Brian haven't heard from Jimmy in a fortnight. Archie, Effie and Lorna discuss the race between Sneddon and Fiona an a fire breaks out in Alice and Bob's home.

  • Lorna asks Sneddon to make a start in stopping the feud between him and Glendarroch by calling off the race.

STV August 2015 content

October 2015 content

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