Take the High Road

22 episodes

Soap set in the fictional village of Glendarroch. Take the High Road ran for 23 years on Scottish Television and now it has made its return, broadcasting on STV Glasgow from the very beginning.

  • STV Glasgow May 2015
  • STV Glasgow Apr 2015
  • A special church service is held due to the recent rumours that have been spread around Glendarroch, and Sheila's return to the village without the baby is causing concern.

  • Fiona returns to Glendarroch after some time away, looking and feeling better. Dougal is suspicious that there's goats at the Croft and Brian tries to aid Isabel's recovery using a different tactic.

  • The village concert is approaching and Archie realises he's made a mistake on the posters.

  • Lorna suddenly realises just how close the wedding is and speaks to Mrs Cunningham.

  • It's the night of the concert and Archie is nervous that things won't go well. Something from Mr Conway's past is revealed which he can never forgive himself for.

  • Andy Semple is up to his old tricks but involving Peter Craig. Mr Conway announces he's leaving Glendarroch but Fiona wants him to face his fears.

  • Archie is taking Jimmy to see a shinty match. Morag's father won't sign over the croft to her unless she marries Dougal.

  • Alice and Grace try and make Dougal feel sympathy for Morag to speed up an engagement. Archie wants to create a Glendarroch shinty team. Archie is trying to find out Mr Murdoch's name.

  • Mrs Mack believes that Mr Blair will be arrested for supplying stolen goods. Dougal helps Morag because he thinks she is unwell.

  • Dougal feels bad for mis-treating Morag. The minister has written a story in a magazine, but nobody has read it to his dismay.

  • Mr Sneddon offers Mrs Mack a new job but she is disgusted when he offers more money and she throws him out.

  • Mr Sneddon is trying to take people away from Glendarroch to work on his estate. Brian is freed because of the minister. Elizabeth is unhappy with the way Fiona is dealing with Lorna.

  • Alice believes she can help Brian appeal his sentence. Dougal and Morag have another argument. The police return to talk to Brian.

  • Sheila's father is unhappy with Eddie driving her to and from her classes, and has a heart attack while arguing, he dies later in hospital. Dougal proposes to Morag finally.

  • Sheila's mother blames her and Eddie for his death. Morag's uncle has come to stay, and is already imposing on Grace.

  • Jamie wants a guarantee that Dougal would look after him if Morag was to die before him. Mr Murdoch is annoyed about the competition to guess his name.

  • Brian doesn't want to appeal his case. Jamie 's wedding present to Morag and Dougal is the lease of his house.

  • Bob's sister-in-law is visiting, and she is a bit overbearing, and Elizabeth's lawyer doesn't think there are grounds for appeal in Brian's case.

  • Fiona is annoyed she is being bossed around by her mother, and Strathmorris is making plans for the estate alongside Glendarroch which may affect Elizabeth's land.

  • Mrs Shaw reveals she may be having marriage problems, and also that a new marina is being built on her land.

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