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Current affairs show which tackles the issues behind the headlines from a Scottish perspective, with live studio debate and analysis of all the top stories

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  • Power Politics - The Westminster Government publishes the Scottish Devolution Bill - does it deliver on the Smith Commission or sell Scotland short?

    2 days left
  • 'Enough is Enough'. The stark message today from the US Department of Justice as several high-ranking FIFA officials were arrested in Zurich as part of an FBI-led investigation into corruption.

    1 days left
  • What makes UK Nationals join the Jihad? Young Scots have their say on radicalisation and child exploitation and after their General Election disaster the Scottish Lib Dems lay out a plan for revival.

    17 days left
  • In tonight's show, we take a look at how to end the inequality of attainment in Scotland's schools and Ronnie Browne of The Corries joins us to talk about his new autobiography

    16 days left