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Watch full length episodes of gritty cop-drama Taggart for free on STV Player, including the first ever episodes. Set in Glasgow, Taggart ran for nearly 30 years.

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  • DI Robbie Ross starts to feel the heat when Thomas Duffy, one of his informants, is brutally murdered, and the word 'grass' daubed in paint at the crime scene. First Broadcast 30/04/2009.

  • A law professor is accidentally stabbed to death during a training exercise. When the team discover that the knife was tampered with, it turns into a murder enquiry. First Broadcast 07/05/2009.

  • DI Ross finds an abandoned baby gurgling on a doorstep on his walk home and a dead man lying in a pool of blood behind the house. Are the baby and the victim connected? First Broadcast 19/07/2014.

  • When a new novel includes the detailed description of a murder eerily similar to an unsolved case, the team think the author?Ûªs could have been involved in the murder. First Broadcast 24/12/2009.

  • When troubled gambler is murdered at a greyhound track it seems that his huge debts cost him his life. Things get complicated when one of the suspects is also killed. First Broadcast 23/01/2010.

  • A recently regenerated community receives an unpleasant reminder of its grim past after a body is found. The father of the community's rebirth, falls under suspicion. First Broadcast 30/01/2010.

  • When Anne Hardie - a member of the Triune Family of God Evangelical Church - looks through her neighbour’s letterbox and sees a body, the team are called to investigate. First Broadcast 01/08/2010

  • A newly-qualified doctor is found tortured and mutilated in a vacant warehouse. When the team investigate, they discover connections with a drug-trafficking case. First Broadcast 03/10/2010.

  • When a shipworkers' union leader is shot in the middle of a labour dispute, corporate killing seems the most likely cause. But the real motivations lie closer to home. First Broadcast 10/10/2010.

  • When Iranian refugee Farid Mamood is burned to death in an alley way, it initially appears that a racially motivated murder has occurred. But Burke is not so sure. First Broadcast 17/10/2010.

  • When three children and their father are found dead in a tenement flat, what initially appears to be an open and shut case becomes something altogether more sinister. First Broadcast 24/10/2010.

  • The murder of a boxer leads the team into a murky world of cage fighting, illegal gambling and lap dancing, leading to Robbie Ross's own gambling addiction being exposed. First Broadcast 30/10/2010.

  • Newly promoted DI Reid leads the murder investigation when a busker is stabbed to death in the city centre, but as the case progresses, Ross's life begins to unravel. First Broadcast 07/11/2010

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