24 episodes

Drama from the Dales.

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  • Chrissie makes an unlikely ally. Finn panics when Ross threatens the wedding. Zak goes out of his way to help Joanie.

    27 days left
  • It is decision time for Debbie. Chrissie makes a drunken mistake. Ruby rescues Sandy

    26 days left
  • Is Ross's secret out? Sandy suffers an accident. Chrissie tells Lachlan what Robert has done

    26 days left
  • Moira learns of Cain's betrayal. Ross makes plans with Debbie. Marlon gets a shock.

    25 days left
  • Charity puts Ross under pressure. Cain threatens Robert. Val comes up with a desperate plan.

    24 days left
  • Chrissie is adamant that she and Robert are over. Eric collapses. Brenda agonises over Bob.

    23 days left
  • Robert fears he could lose everything. Val refuses to take her solicitor's advice. Adam is worried about becoming a dad.

    20 days left
  • Paddy is in pain. Chrissie hears the truth. Megan is determined to make Jai pay.

    19 days left
  • Aaron's plan goes badly wrong. Rachel is distraught that Jai has taken Archie. Joanie has a blind date.

    19 days left
  • Aaron tries to trick Robert into confessing. Rachel is arrested. Marlon and Laurel have to tell April about their split

    18 days left
  • Aaron is angry with Paddy. Tracy takes the law into her own hands. Ross leaves Moira unsettled

    17 days left
  • Laurel leaves everyone shocked. Ross puts his plan into place. Paddy fears for his family

    16 days left
  • Debbie confronts Ross about the robbery. Bob tries to make things right with Jimmy. Ashley offers Laurel his support

    13 days left
  • Debbie wavers over her decision. Emma is overtaken by her anger. Marlon tries to bridge the gap between him and Laurel

    12 days left
  • Moira forces Debbie to make a choice. Bob is left heartbroken by Carly. James is shocked by Emma's suggestion.

    12 days left
  • Val, Bob and Carly are questioned by the police. Moira uncovers Debbie's secret. Emma refuses to take no for an answer.

    11 days left
  • Bob finally tells Brenda the truth. Tracy is full of guilt. Ross refuses to let Debbie go

    10 days left
  • Carly sinks to a new low. Tracy is moved by Jimmy. Debbie refuses to leave Pete

    9 days left
  • Robert forms a plan. Kirin is furious with Rakesh. Debbie is floored by Ross's decision.

    6 days left
  • Robert leaves Paddy fighting for his life. Rodney uncovers Tracy's past. Kerry loses Kyle.

    5 days left
  • Paddy delivers a warning to Chrissie. Bob is overcome by his guilt. Dan defends Kerry.

    4 days left
  • Brenda worries that her tumour has returned. Chas worries when Robert works alongside Aaron. Ross leaves Finn suspicious.

    3 days left
  • Carly goes to extremes to save the shop. Ross struggles with his jealousy. Belle says goodbye to an old friend.

    2 days left