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Drama from the Dales.

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  • Vanessa pleads with Kirin. Jai makes a declaration to Leyla. Kerry advises Bernice on her fake boyfriend.

    29 days left
  • Victoria learns of Adam's betrayal. Rishi supports Rachel. Bernice takes things a bit too far.

    26 days left
  • Vanessa worries that Kirin will learn the truth. Rachel is arrested. Leyla is devastated by Alicia's news.

    25 days left
  • Jai confronts Rachel about Archie's accident. Kirin argues with Rakesh. News of Vanessa's pregnancy begins to spread

    24 days left
  • Archie has an accident. Pete struggles with his jealousy. Rakesh reacts badly to the news of Vanessa's pregnancy.

    23 days left
  • Betty says farewell to Emmerdale. Ross risks his life. Bob dupes Brenda into helping Carly.

    22 days left
  • Ashley supports Laurel. Zak takes a big gamble. Betty gives Adam some sage advice.

    19 days left
  • Laurel spirals out of control. Debbie hopes Zak can talk some sense into Ross. Betty returns to the village

    18 days left
  • Laurel sinks to a new low. Jai is delighted to have his own way at last. Carly takes an interest in the shop.

    17 days left
  • Rachel makes plans to leave. Marlon is determined to keep his distance from Laurel. Victoria is worried about Betty.

    16 days left
  • Jai puts Rachel in danger. Lachlan blackmails Robert. Rakesh is jealous of David.

    15 days left
  • Robert helps Chrissie. Debbie is worried for Ross. Rachel is furious with Jai.

    12 days left
  • Ross makes a sacrifice for Debbie. Lachlan goes missing. David reconsiders Alicia's proposal.

    11 days left
  • Chrissie is determined to make Robert pay. David tries to stop Alicia's plan. Emma gets her own way.

    11 days left
  • Alicia finally gets some closure. Aaron fights Robert's corner. Debbie stands up to Emma.

    10 days left
  • Alicia is faced with a difficult choice. Aaron tries to support Robert. Finn discovers what Emma did.

    9 days left
  • James is devastated by Chas's decision. Alicia is concerned for Belle. Laurel goes it alone.

    8 days left
  • Marlon is horrified to learn Laurel has taken the kids. James asks Chas for another chance. Alicia is horrified by Lachlan's news.

    5 days left
  • Laurel's actions have awful consequences. Emma concocts a plan to keep James from Chas. Tracy talks Val into taking her back.

    4 days left
  • Cain is adamant Laurel must go. Bernice is infuriated by Tracy. Kerry is determined to be super-mum.

    4 days left
  • Cain is angered by Laurel. Amelia goes missing. Carly does her best to win Brenda over.

    3 days left
  • Dan insists he needs to be near his kids. Laurel is ashamed at her own behaviour. Carly antagonises Brenda.

    2 days left
  • Laurel lashes out at Marlon. Belle gets a surprise offer. Carly makes amends with Bob.

    1 days left