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Drama from the Dales.

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  • Megan and Rachel join forces. Finn's conscience is pricked. Vanessa confronts Kirin about the money

    29 days left
  • Rachel uncovers Jai's secret. Aaron loses it with Cain. Finn is horrified by Ross's confession.

    29 days left
  • Jai sets a trap for Rachel. Debbie struggles with her guilt. Cain enjoys toying with Robert

    28 days left
  • Charity contacts Moses's father. Ali accuses Jai of harassment. Kerry tries to win Joanie over.

    27 days left
  • Moses's future is uncertain. Laurel has doubts about moving back in. Jai kicks Rachel out of her home.

    26 days left
  • Debbie is drawn to Ross. Marlon suggests Laurel comes home. Aaron fears Cain is a loose cannon

    23 days left
  • Aaron is forced to save Robert. Victoria's future hangs in the balance. Ross punishes Jai.

    22 days left
  • It is Victoria and Adam's wedding day. Aaron makes a shocking discovery. Priya races to stop Rakesh.

    22 days left
  • Victoria and Adam reveal the truth to Cain. Priya gives Rakesh an ultimatum. Carly confronts Bob about his interference.

    21 days left
  • Moira is desperate to find Adam and Victoria. Priya uncovers Rakesh's lie. Carly's grand opening goes awry.

    20 days left
  • Robert strikes a deal with Cain. Lisa is horrified by Joanie's situation. David makes a surprise return home.

    19 days left
  • Robert plays games with Cain. Joanie is unnerved by Kerry. Val admits her mistake to Carly.

    16 days left
  • Harriet tells Robert the truth about Chrissie. Ashley is forced to confess his fears. Kerry is heartbroken by Joanie's decision

    15 days left
  • Moira crosses a line with Cain. Harriet catches Chrissie out. Laurel steps up to care for Ashley

    15 days left
  • Cain visits two people. Finn attempts to make amends with Emma. Chrissie grows suspicious of Robert.

    14 days left
  • Finn reveals Emma's deception. Emma makes an allegation. Sam warns Rachel she needs to change.

    13 days left
  • Rachel lashes out at Sam. Debbie is shocked by Chas's confession. Robert pushes Aaron for answers.

    12 days left
  • Jai hatches a plan to sabotage Rachel's chances. Megan wants answers from Debbie. Rakesh feels guilty about lying to Kirin.

    9 days left
  • The Dingles are in shock. Kirin crosses the line with Priya. Rishi is disgusted by Jai's dirty tactics.

    8 days left
  • Debbie visits Charity for advice. Priya is concerned for Kirin. Val concocts a surprise for Eric's birthday.

    8 days left
  • Debbie argues with Pete over Ross. Vanessa is left hurt by Kirin's actions. Laurel works hard to regain Harriet's trust.

    7 days left
  • Emma tells Pete her suspicions about Ross. Robert asks Harriet for help. Tracy catches Bernice out.

    6 days left
  • Robert gives Victoria an ultimatum. Ross is desperate to pay Charlie off. There is bad news at the hospital.

    5 days left
  • Adam gets a surprise proposal. Bob is a nervous wreck around Val. Leyla panics when Archie gets into mischief.

    2 days left
  • Laurel gets her wires crossed. Finn wants Emma to leave. Val insists on helping Bob and Carly

    1 days left
  • Harriet loses her temper with Laurel. Finn is suspicious when James loses the flat. Carly is forced to confess she cannot afford the shop.

    1 days left