Dickinson's Real Deal

15 episodes

David Dickinson helps members of the public sort the treasures from their trash, but will they sell to the dealers or risk taking their items to auction?

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  • Some of David Dickinson's old pals turn up at Tatton Park with a decanter they bought from him in the 1970s - and cause chaos on Henry Nicholls' table. Tony Geering finds a bronze.

    20 days left
  • The team visit Aylesbury today. Simon Schneider falls in love with a parasol handle - but will he put up enough money for it? One contributor charms Corrie Jeffrey with her poetry.

    19 days left
  • David Dickinson and his antique dealers are in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire today, where Corrie Jeffrey takes a liking to a smiley hat pin stand.

    18 days left
  • David Dickinson and his team of dealers are in Rotherham in Yorkshire today, where items include a stash of Greek silver and a collection of cigarette cards.

    17 days left
  • David Dickinson and his dealers are in Worcester where Jo Brayshaw is put through her paces by a mother and son combo, and a charity shop find turns up for David Tupman.

    14 days left
  • David Dickinson and the dealers are in Fleetwood in Lancashire where Helen Gardiner hopes to find a loveable little dog a new home.

    13 days left
  • David Dickinson and his dealers are in Corby in Northamptonshire today where Karen Dalmeny gets her hands on a big brass clock.

    12 days left
  • David Dickinson takes his dealers to Stevenage in Hertfordshire. Will Simon Schneider be charmed by a gold bracelet? Is Chris Skitch starstruck by some Hollywood postcards?

    11 days left
  • David Dickinson and the team of antique dealers are in Denbigh today. Michael Hogben and David blow their own trumpet, while something Victorian lightens up Helen Gardiner's day.

    10 days left
  • Alison Chapman gets to grips with an Action Man. And will there be a mutiny on Stewart Hofgartner's table over a South Sea island carving?

    7 days left
  • The team are in Widnes today. Items include some Royal Dux donkeys, a card case from old Siam, and some wind-measuring instruments whose name no one can pronounce.

    6 days left
  • David Dickinson takes the dealers to Maidenhead in Berkshire for today's show. Will Tim Hogarth stand to attention with the Royal Doulton lifeguard figure?

    5 days left
  • The team visit Llandudno, where Michael Hogben is whisked off to the Wild West, Jan Keynes is moved by a heroic story - and will a stunning bronze bring in much brass?

    4 days left
  • David Dickinson and the team are in Stevenage in Hertfordshire. Will Chris Skitch hit the jackpot with a fruit machine? Is Helen Gardiner off the board with a chess set?

    3 days left