Coronation Street

25 episodes

The latest drama from the streets of Weatherfield.

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  • Max gives Sarah a shock. Carla returns to face her demons. Sally has high hopes for Tim.

    29 days left
  • Cathy is worried about living alone as a hoarder. Alya confesses the truth to Sinead. Kylie returns with news of David.

    27 days left
  • Roy takes Cathy for a day out. Beth finds a pregnancy testing kit in the Underworld bin. Can Audrey unite her warring family?

    26 days left
  • Cathy is trapped in her own home. Alya faces an unexpected surprise. Sarah confronts Callum about the other women in his life

    24 days left
  • Bethany is jealous of her mum. Tim gets fed up of Sally comparing him to Kevin. Tyrone invites Cathy to curry night.

    23 days left
  • Bethany goes out drinking with Callum, much to Sarah's horror. Sally has big plans for Tim. Gary's romantic gesture goes awry.

    22 days left
  • Tracy feels betrayed as the truth emerges. Tim's jealousy ruins his own celebrations. What will Callum do to Bethany next?

    20 days left
  • Tracy gets serious with Robert but is in for an unpleasant surprise. Tim has a proposal for Sally. Bethany is duped by Callum.

    19 days left
  • Michael has a choice to make. Leanne tries to make Simon open up. Tracy is falling for Robert, but what is he hiding?

    19 days left
  • Released from hospital, Leanne faces yet more trouble at home. Can Liz forgive Tony? Steve does not want to say goodbye to Rover

    17 days left
  • Dan attacks Leanne in an explosive rage. Beth urges Tracy to give Robert another chance. Will Michael fall for Gail's charms?

    16 days left
  • A desperate Dan is out for revenge. Robert tries to make amends with Ken. Michael rescues Gail from an emergency

    15 days left
  • Carla spirals out of control. A ferocious Liz confronts Dan in the pub. Gary and Alya announce their engagement.

    13 days left
  • Carla runs out of luck and she turns on Roy and Cathy. Liz senses trouble brewing with Dan. Ken worries about Tracy.

    12 days left
  • Robert helps Tracy out of a difficult situation. Dan gets violent as he threatens Leanne. Sharif witnesses Gary's proposal.

    12 days left
  • Tracy reels from Ken's accusations as the Barlows turn on each other. In the Rovers, everyone raises a toast to Deirdre.

    10 days left
  • Tracy seeks solace in Robert's arms. Bethany tries to blackmail Callum. Carla spends her afternoon in a casino

    9 days left
  • At Deirdre's funeral, her friends and family have the chance to say goodbye. Bethany is up to no good with Callum

    8 days left
  • Carla is playing a dangerous game. Cathy takes Roy out for a drink. Kylie is in danger, but is it all over for Callum and Sarah?

    6 days left
  • Kylie and David plot to reveal Callum's true colours. Carla's gambling gets the better of her. Tensions run high at the Barlows'.

    5 days left
  • The loss of Deirdre rocks the Street. Bethany gets in too deep with Callum. Gail grows jealous of Michael and Eileen.

    5 days left
  • Deirdre's party is dealt a shattering blow. Cathy apologises to Roy. Sarah confronts Callum about Kylie's accusations.

    3 days left
  • Simon's birthday brings out the worst in him. Roy is determined to help Cathy. Has Kylie had enough of David?

    2 days left
  • Leanne tries to threaten Dan but it backfires. Ken prepares for Deirdre's return. Callum tries to tempt Kylie one more time.

    1 days left