Coronation Street

22 episodes

The latest drama from the streets of Weatherfield.

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  • Tracy's revenge turns into a nightmare. Will Maddie be able to stop Jenny? Max asks David some awkward questions.

    29 days left
  • Lives hang in the balance as flames lick through Victoria Court. Leanne is over the moon. Maddie discovers Jenny's plan

    28 days left
  • Will Tracy wreak havoc on Steve's wedding day? Leanne is close to her happily ever after. Jenny readies to kidnap Jack.

    27 days left
  • Tracy blows Liz's world apart. Jenny sets her warped plan in motion. Zeedan struggles with Kal's plans to propose to Leanne.

    26 days left
  • Can Tony keep bitter Tracy under control? David threatens to reveal Andy's secret. Roy and Cathy strike up a deal.

    23 days left
  • Will Carla scupper Tracy's plans for the Rovers? Nick plays happy families. Shocked Andrea finds out where Lloyd is.

    23 days left
  • There is drama on Steve's stag do. Loved up Maddie and Sophie take the next step. Will Zeedan take Kal's advice?

    21 days left
  • Liz falls deeper into Tony's trap. David turns on Sarah - whose side is she on? Leanne stops Zeedan doing something stupid.

    19 days left
  • David's dark past comes back to haunt him in court. Tony drops a bombshell on Steve. Tim plays referee as Sally and Anna bicker.

    19 days left
  • Anna and Faye receive a surprise visit. Fiery Leanne goes after Tony. Love fool Liz falls for Tony's plan.

    16 days left
  • Faye is left holding the baby. Zeedan suffers the wrath of Tony. Liz looks to the future.

    16 days left
  • Tony brings in the heavies. Anna's fears for Faye mount. Adrian puts Eileen on the spot.

    14 days left
  • Will guilty Tony betray Liz? Billy makes a sacrifice. Anna is grateful for helping hands.

    12 days left
  • A mystery buyer swoops into the Rovers. Sean struggles at the 'Bring and Lie' sale. Anna loses her composure.

    12 days left
  • Callum comes to Max's rescue. Steve has an important question for Lloyd. Tracy worries that Tony has got cold feet.

    9 days left
  • David is horrified to find Max has disappeared. Michelle and Andrea vow to sort out Steve's best man. Will Mary lose her motor home?

    9 days left
  • Honeymooning Gail returns to chaos. Steve spends time with a new friend. Mary vows to fight the council.

    7 days left
  • David's desperate actions infuriate Callum. Tony puts pressure on Steve. Where will Mary look to place the blame?

    5 days left
  • Sarah drives David to despair. Mary feels the spite of Todd. How will Erica's return affect Nick?

    5 days left
  • Chesney puts his foot down. Sally is not laughing all the way to the Banksy. Has Erica's news blown Nick and Carla's chances?

    2 days left
  • Nick is bowled over by Erica's news. Will Kevin believe Jenny's latest story? Sinead is thrilled to be back in the game

    2 days left